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Office of Risk Analysis and Program Evaluation


The Office of Risk Analysis and Program Evaluation provides analysis and evaluation of the performance of the Office of Enterprise Assessments (EA) in meeting its missions of providing Departmental independent assessments, enforcement and training including the impact of the Office activities on the ability of the Department to meet its missions.  The Office also provides analysis of major Departmental and mission risks relating to safety and security activities and functions.


  • Collaborate with EA program elements to provide ongoing, strategic reviews of EA program priorities and their basis in supporting Departmental missions, and potential risks in failure to establish priorities or processes that provide for the effective implementation of independent assessments, enforcement and safety and security training.
  • To promote continuous improvement and EA program effectiveness, analyzes independent oversight, assessment, enforcement and safety/security training programs of non-DOE organizations with similar nuclear and national security missions (e.g. the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UK Atomic Weapons Establishment, and the UK Health and Safety Executive).  Compares existing regulatory, oversight, enforcement and training models at these entities to formulate recommendations to EA leadership for enhanced program implementation.
  • Provides analysis of EA formal recommendations to DOE line management to determine if the recommendations are sufficiently based on established facts and known circumstances.
  • Assesses Effectiveness of EA documents which provide formal analysis and recommendations for their effectiveness in supporting DOE line management in meeting missions. 
  • Leads the development of consistent processes for assessing the extent to which EA recommendations are acted upon by DOE line management organizations and risks associated with inadequate actions. 
  • Assesses the impact of prior reviews and makes recommendations on current and future EA program priorities.
  • Analyzes the effectiveness of EA synthesis of independent assessments findings with enhanced DOE safety and security training programs and its impact on improved worker protection.
  • Analyzes application of EA enforcement authorities on behalf of the Department to determine consistency in priorities and consistent approaches in review and development of recommendations across sites, contractor organizations and disciplines.
  • Collaborates with EA program elements to establish mechanisms for obtaining ongoing input on effective strategies for achieving EA missions from senior, highly experience current or former Departmental leaders.