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U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Operations Office Nuclear Facility Safety Basis Fundamentals Self-Study Guide [Fulfills ORO Safety Basis Competency 1, 2 (Part 1), or 7 (Part 1)]

"This self-study guide provides an overview of safety basis terminology, requirements, and activities that are applicable to DOE and Oak Ridge Operations Office (ORO) nuclear facilities on the Oak Ridge Reservation. By completing this self-study guide, the reader will fulfill ORO Safety Basis Qualification Standard Competency 1, 2 (Part 1), or 7 (Part 1) and gain a familiarity level of knowledge regarding the following:
• The importance of the safety basis with respect to managing a nuclear facility’s environment, safety, and health risks
• The definition of safety basis and other relevant terminology, including Documented Safety Analyses (DSA), Technical Safety Requirements (TSR), Safety Evaluation Reports (SERs) and Unreviewed Safety Questions (USQs)
• Fundamentals of the safety basis document development, review, and approval process
• Discussion of how the safety basis documents flow down to operating procedures, processes, and programs as part of Integrated Safety Management
• Maintaining safety basis documents through the TSR change and USQ processes"