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Safeguards and Security Glossary - DOE M 470.4‐7

August 26, 2005

Cancelled Safeguards and Security Glossary

The Safeguards and Security Glossary contains DOE safeguards and security (S&S) program terms and definitions. These terms and their definitions reflect the latest additions and changes to terminology commonly used in S&S programs. Generally used terms defined in most
dictionaries have been intentionally omitted from the Glossary. Although a Manual including the Safeguards and Security Glossary would be considered a requirements document, it is not intended that the definitions imply or be construed as establishing DOE requirements. Therefore, if the definition of a term in the Glossary should differ from an analogous one in a programmatic manual, the definition in the programmatic manual will take precedence.
Recommendations for revisions to this Glossary are encouraged and should be submitted to the Office of Security for consideration in developing future revisions.