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The familiar level of this module is designed to provide the basic information related to DOE
G 441.1-1C, Radiation Protection Programs Guide, as required in DOE-STD-1174-2003, Radiation Protection Functional Area Qualification Standard, December 2003. Completion of this module also meets certain requirements associated with the DOE Facility Representative Program and the DOE Intern Program. The information contained in this module addresses specific requirements and as such does not include the entire text of the source document. Before continuing, you should obtain a copy of the Order. Copies of the DOE Directives are available at or through the course manager. In March 2007, DOE published an updated implementation Guide that discussed acceptable methods for ensuring that the functional elements of radiological activities will be managed and administered according to 10 CFR 835, “Occupational Radiation Protection.” The March 2007 Guide was part of DOE’s efforts to eliminate redundant requirements and guidance and compiled the guidance previously provided in a set of 13 Implementation Guides.