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Memorandum, Health and Safety Training Reciprocity Program - July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013

The HSS reciprocity program is designed to evaluate training within specific topics and validate that training courses conform to the elements required for DOE training, resulting in a recommendation for reciprocity. The program involves an independent evaluation of training, against structured criteria concurred upon by HSS, to determine the adequacy of a given course against DOE regulatory expectations. The evaluation provides sufficient documentation for officials at other DOE sites to decide if the course is acceptable to them for reciprocity with the addition of any necessary site-specific "gap" training.

The resultant reduction of redundancies within training programs and courses will eliminate the need for workers to take the same training multiple times, and therefore, improve portability of training for workers who move between contractors or sites, and realize significant cost savings and other efficiencies across the Department.