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Independent Oversight Activity Report, National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office - March 10-14, 2014

March 10-14, 2014

Contractor Transition Activities for the National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office [IAR-NPO-2014-03-10]

This Independent Activity Report documents an oversight activity conducted by the Office of Independent Enterprise Assessments (IEA), Office of Nuclear Safety and Environmental Assessments, from March 10-14, 2014.  The activity consisted of IEA staff conducting an operational awareness (OA) activity on the proposed approach for conducting the transition activities that are necessary for the newly selected contractor, Consolidated Nuclear Services, LLC to assume full responsibility for the Y-12 National Security Complex and the Pantex Plant.

The goal of the OA activity was to identify future opportunities to conduct OA activities to monitor the progress of the transition and to evaluate if the necessary attention is being maintained by the incumbent contractor, Babcock and Wilcox, LLC, on the continued implementation of nuclear safety programs at both sites during transition.