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Independent Oversight Activity Report, K-West Annex Facility - June 2013

June 2013

Review of the Hanford Site K-West Annex Facility Layup Program for Construction Suspension/Delay [HIAR-Hanford-2013-06-10]

Construction on the modified K-West Annex Facility was suspended by the Department of Energy in April 2013 due to budget cuts mandated by congressional budget sequestration. After construction was suspended, the Richland Operations Project Office directed the contractor to place the project in a safe, stable configuration to preserve the completed work, and to document completed work activities to support construction restart. In May 2013, the contractor completed the efforts necessary to protect and preserve the completed work at the project site. Independent Oversight reviewed the report and performed an inspection at the site to examine storage of construction materials and the condition of the completed work.