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Enforcement Letter, National Security Technologies, LLC - May 21, 2007

May 21, 2007

Issued to National Security Technologies, LLC related to Nuclear Safety Quality Assurance Requirements Deficiencies at the Nevada Test Site

The Department of Energy’s Office of Enforcement conducted an evaluation of the deficiencies described in Noncompliance Tracking System (NTS) Report NTS-NSO--NST-NTS-2007-0001. Our evaluation included review of the associated independent assessment report, causal analysis, corrective action plan, and Preliminary Documented Safety Analysis, as well as discussion with National Security Technologies, LLC. (NSTec) site personnel. Based on our evaluation, we have concluded that violations of 10 CFR 830.120 (Quality Assurance Requirements) occurred in association with the design and construction of the Rad/NucCTEC nuclear facility.

The NTS report described a programmatic breakdown in your nuclear safety quality assurance requirements associated with the design and construction of the Radiological/Nuclear Countermeasures Test and Evaluation Complex (Rad/NucCTEC), a Hazard Category 2 nuclear facility. The purpose of this facility is to test and evaluate new and existing equipment, technologies, and techniques associated with detecting illicit transportation of radioactive materials for the Department of Homeland Security. Based on quality concerns identified through management assessments, material control issues, and nonconformance reports, NSTec conducted an independent assessment at the Rad/NucCTEC project to assess the implementation of nuclear safety quality assurance requirements and the adequacy of work performed.