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Workplace Violence Prevention Employee Awareness Class

November 22, 2013 2:30PM to 6:00PM EST

Course Title:  Workplace Violence Prevention Employee Awareness Classes

Course Start/End Date:   November 5 -22, 2013 (see list of course sessions below)

Forrestal Location (each class is 2.5 Hrs)
Friday, November 8  1E-245 9:30 am
Tuesday, November 12  6A-092 10:30 am
Tuesday, November 12 6E-069 1:30 pm
Thursday, November 14  GH-019 9:00 am
Thursday, November 14 GH-019 1:00 pm
Tuesday, November 19  GH-035 10:30 am
Tuesday, November 19 GH-035 2:00 pm
Wednesday, November 20 1E-245 9:00 am
Wednesday, November 20 1E-245 1:00 am
Friday, November 22  1E-245 9:00am

Germantown Location  (each class is 2.5 Hrs)
Thursday, November 7  Large Auditorium 9:00 am
Thursday, November 7 Large Auditorium 1:00 pm
Wednesday, November 13  A-410 9:00 am
Wednesday, November 13 A-410 1:00 pm
Friday, November 15  E-301 9:00 am
Monday, November 18  Large Auditorium 9:00 am
Monday, November 18 Large Auditorium 1:00 pm
Thursday, November 21  G-207 9:00 am
Thursday, November 21 G-207 1:00 pm

Course Type: Classrooom

Course Description: DOE/NNSA Employees and Contractors,

On behalf of William H. Roege, Deputy Director, Office of Corporate Security Strategy, Analysis and Special Operations, the Office of Health, Safety, and Security has been working to organize a Workplace Violence Prevention Program that includes dealing with the Active Shooter scenario. After the Navy Yard event, HSS has been trying to accelerate the roll out. Next week we start two-a-days for the Employee Awareness class, which is the first step in the program development and roll out.

HSS would like your help in filling classes, especially those next week. In particular, the Thursday Germantown classes have plenty of space. Please see the attached training announcement and forward it to staff and contractors, and personally encourage them to attend.  We are trying to include provisions for contractors in the program, since they make up 1/3 of our workforce here at HQ, but they will need you to agree that they can take the time to attend. We don't have a general provision for that yet although I expect it will be approved or at least highly encouraged.

The class was piloted in July and September (week prior to the Navy Yard). HSS received extremely positive feedback. In particular, many participants emphasized that supervisors and managers should take it. The information was from supervisors and managers (some senior managers) as well as from staff.

To Register: To register for a specific class, you have two options. You can sign up directly in CHRIS or you can email Steven Martinez with your CHRIS Employee ID (Feds Only), name of your organization, and requested course date.  Emphasis is on the early classes so we get a good start. Walk-ins are welcome on a space available basis (especially in the GTN auditorium). 

Audience:  DOE Federal employees and contractors.

Contact: Questions can be directed to Steven Martinez or Bill Roege