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How To Get to SES Without a CDP

June 25, 2014 5:00PM to 7:00PM EDT

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Course Type: Classroom- Leadership Development Series

Course Location: DOE Headquarters, Forrestal Building, Washington, DC/ Main Auditorium, Video cast & Teleconference

Course Description: While there are roughly 2,723,000 federal employees nationwide - there are fewer than 7,500 Senior Executive Service (SES) positions among all federal agencies. If you like to look at the odds, if you are not currently an SES, you probably only have a 0.275% chance of getting selected!
There are many paths to senior leadership and the SES, but many motivated, accomplished and well-credentialed candidates for the Senior Executive Service, often fall short and knock themselves out of contention both before and during the selection process. We have invited a panel of seasoned, accomplished senior executives, who have spent a lot of time, energy and efforts considering candidates for SES positions to share their insights. They will tell it like it is.
As a result of attending this program, participants will know more about:

• Preparation needed before applying for an SES position; “breadth versus depth”
• Strategies for do’s and don’ts in applying
• Learn what application reviewers and interview panels are looking for
• Preparation for and conduct during the panel interview
• Not selected? Next best steps

ECQ’s: Leading Change, Leading People, Fundamental Competencies

Audience: DOE SES, SL/ST, Excepted Service, GS-14 & GS-15 Employees.  

Contact: Dave Rosenmarkle