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Contract Admin for Tech Reps

October 8, 2013 12:30PM EDT to October 10, 2013 8:00PM EDT

Registration link: CHRIS  (000058/0190) $600

Course type: Classroom

Course Location: DOE Headquarters, Forrestal Building Room –1E-245

Course Description: This course is required for Level 1 certification in the Project Management Career Development Program (PMCDP) and the Energy Acquisition Career Management Program (EACMP).  Designed for employees who have valuable technical or functional expertise but little formal training in procurement, who need to know what to do when tasked to be Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) on a DOE non-M&O prime contract.  Topics include:  the Federal acquisition process as it pertains to the COR function; DOE’s approach to contract administration; the role of the COR, particularly in relation to the contracting officer and the contractor; the duties of the COR and how to effectively complete assigned responsibilities; and the ethical standards of conduct to which CORs must adhere.

Audience: Personnel tasked to be CORS who may not necessarily have formal training in procurement.