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NTC Launches New eLearning Management System

January 29, 2014 - 12:49pm


Taken from The Collaborator, December 2013 issue:

In an effort to support employee training needs in a time of reduced training and travel budgets, the National Training Center is committed to producing high quality eLearning courses available to students for free on our Learning Management System (LMS). Here is a complete list of all new highly interactive courses debuting in 2013, including our award winning Accident Investigation course.
All courses are available from the NTC LMS.

2013 Courses Already Launched
SAF-230DE, Accident Investigation Overview
PHY-100DE, Introduction to Physical Security Systems
SAF-220DE, Senior Technical Safety Manager Knowledge Base, Seasons 1-3
SAF-136DE, Human Factors Engineering
ISC-106DE, Introduction to Special Access Programs
MIT-121DE, EMETL Overview (December 11)
SAF-220DE, Senior Technical Safety Manager Knowledge Base, Season 4 (December 20)

Evan Dunne, HSS, National Training Center