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Brookhaven Pre-Service Teachers Program

June 3, 2013 8:30PM EDT to August 9, 2013 8:30PM EDT

Brookhaven National Laboratory

This is an internship and is intended to support the intellectual and professional development of students who have a sincere desire to be fully involved in a program which offers an intensive, mentored scientific research experience. Junior and Senior Undergraduate college students who intend to become K-12 teachers with a specialty in science, mathematics or technology, and students who have graduated and are in the process of becoming certified to teach in these areas.  

Participants will be placed with members of the scientific and professional staff (master teachers) in an educational program developed to give research experience in areas such as chemistry, high- and low-energy physics, engineering, biology, nuclear medicine, applied mathematics.  Workshops will allow participants to receive specific suggestions for applying what they learn to their academic program and ultimately to their own classrooms. The master teacher will monitor your research experience, bring you through the process of developing a poster, prepare a report and assist you in producing an educational module based on your research experience. This educational module will have the potential to be transferred back to the classroom setting. Student teachers then return to the classroom environment well grounded not only in the skills and knowledge base required of a scientist, but also in practical experience they can apply to a classroom environment and make it real.


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