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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2013

May 21, 2013 3:00PM EDT

Forrestal Main Auditorium, Washington DC

Building Leadership:  Embracing Cultural Values and Inclusion

FORS Large Auditorium/Simulcast to Germantown RM A-410

All employees are invited to honor the remarkable contributions Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have made to this Nation and DOE.

President Obama stated, “Each May, our Nation comes together to recount the ways Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) helped forge our country.  We remember a time 170 years ago, when Japanese immigrants first set foot on American shores and opened a path for millions more.  We remember 1869, when Chinese workers laid the final ties of the transcontinental railroad after years of backbreaking labor.  And we remember Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders who have made our country bigger and brighter again and again, from Native Hawaiians to the generations of striving immigrants who shaped our history – reaching and sweating and scraping to give their children something more.  Their story is the American story, and this month, we honor them all”.

Speakers include Ahn Duong, Department of Homeland Security, Congresswoman Judy Chu, and Julie Defrain, from the White House Initiative Office on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. 

At DOE, we are expanding and unifying our efforts to build opportunities for career growth and mentoring, training, and social and community outreach.  As part of that effort, we seek to increase awareness of issues important to the AAPI community, and to improve communication of Federal opportunities. 

A food tasting will follow featuring foods from AAPI cultures.