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Employee Concerns Related Documents

The documents on this page are related to the Department of Energy's Reporting Employee Concerns Program, which you can find information about here. 

The DOE Order on Employee Concerns 442.1A establishes a Department of Energy (DOE) Employee Concerns Program (ECP) that ensures employee concerns related to such issues as the environment, safety, health, and management of DOE and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) programs and facilities are addressed through—

a. prompt identification, reporting, and resolution of employee concerns regarding DOE facilities or operations in a manner that provides the highest degree of safe operations; b. free and open expression of employee concerns that results in an independent, objective evaluation; and c. supplementation of existing processes with an independent avenue for reporting concerns.

The DOE Employee Concerns Program Guide contains guidance to Employee Concerns Program Managers at the Department about administering this program. 

The Employee Concerns Program Statement was signed by Secretary Steven Chu in 2012. It lays out Department of Energy contractor and staff's  right to report concerns.

The Employee Concerns Contact List outlines points of contact at the Department for various programs at headquarters and our sites across the country.