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Continual Learning

Continual Learning Workshops

Continual Learning is a change initiative which is used to help develop and grow a learning culture within DOE.  The purpose of Continual Learning is to improve the professional development of our federal workforce. 

In an effort to support this initiative, HC-20 offers 4 instructional workshops to assist employees and supervisors with employee development.  These workshops are full of helpful tips and tricks for identifying low cost/no cost training, creating a high-quality IDP and assist supervisors with their responsibilities with employee development.  Employees and supervisor are encouraged to attend these workshops and let us (HC-20) help you as we promote a learning culture.

Information about these workshops is listed below:

-Keep Learning Even with Tight Budgets –

  • The importance of continual learning
  • An easy way to approach self-development
  • Blended learning strategies for development
  • Use a tool for planning your IDP

-Let's Work on Your IDPs –

  • Describe DOE IDP requirements
  • Explain the IDP process
  • Explain IDP roles & responsibilities
  • Discuss benefits of having an IDP
  • Describe high-quality IDPs

- Employee Development for Supervisor –

  • Describe IDP roles & responsibilities
  • Explain the IDP process
  • Describe high-quality IDPs
  • Discuss ways to facilitate effective employee development
  • Use tools for employee development 

- How to Create an IDP in ESS –

  • Describe menu items in IDP module
  • Explain the procedure for creating an IDP in ESS
  • Manage IDP throughout the IDP cycle

If you would like to attend any of these workshops, contact your organization's training POC or Norman Houghtaling.