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Commercial & Resource Sharing Teleprocessing Services

The Following Commercial Timeshare Agreement Vendors are available to the Department of Energy:

Contact mailto: or mailto:  in the Business Management Division (IM-12) for more information and access.


These are annual subscriptions residing on CQI:   Legislative Tracking, Reporting, and Notifications (to include: Custom Alerts and Custom Lists; Detailed Legislative Histories; Bill Status Reports; Congressional Record and Committee Reports (with searchable charts for budget and appropriation bills); Floor Amendments; Bill Text and Bill Compate; Congressional Research Services(CRS); and other related Congressional, Senate, and Legislative articles.  News and Analysis (to include: Today’s News; Congressional Schedules (downloadable); Action Alerts; Weekly News Coverage; House Action Reports and Senate Watches; Bill Analysis; Budget Tracker; and Member Profiles);   Committee Coverage (to include:  Committee Markup Coverage and Committee Amendment Text; Congressional and Newsmaker Transcripts;   Documents from CRS, GAO, CBO, and OMB and other government agencies. Timely access to draft bill text and reports, congressional letters, and committee bill summaries; and Comprehensive, timely coverage of congressional actions, every day that Congress is in session (via e-mail and printed copy).


Provides information on more than 55 million business records including most public and private companies in the United States in the form of various online reports.

Business Information Reports - available on more than six million U.S. companies, international companies, including information on operation, finance, payments, banking, and more. 
Payment Analysis Reports - a company's payment habits and trends, with a 24-month performance trends and industry comparisons. Includes the PAYDEX, Dun & Bradstreet's numerical indicator of business payment habits.  PAYDEX scores are updated daily and are based on up to 875 actual trade experiences for each firm.  Dun's Credit Guide - a credit report with dollar-specific guidelines available on manufactures, wholesalers, and retailers. 
Government Activity Report - a comprehensive report on government-business transactions. 
Family Tree Report - links parent companies with underlying subsidiaries, divisions, and branches.  
Dun's underwriting Guide - specific, underwriting-related information on each company, contained in a single, easy-to-read report.
Dun's Financial Profile - Detailed financial spreadsheet and ratio analysis of a company, with a 3-year trend and an industry comparison. 
PRO Report - in-depth narrative analysis of a company. 
Industry Norm Report - average sheet and income statement data plus 14 key ratios for 3 years on the industry segment selected.  Model Statement - average balance sheet and income statement for the industry segment selected.


The information available from Dialog can range from a directory-type listing of companies, associations or famous people, to an in-depth financial statement for a particular company; from a citation with bibliographic information and an abstract referencing journal, conference paper or other original source to the complete text of a journal article.  Dialog allows information professionals, researchers to access this information from any web browser or from Dialog’s proprietary search software. 

Science and Technology – 470 million scientific records, including 160 million research reports from 150,000 journals, 3 million conference papers and 1.8 million dissertations;
Business – 60 million global company directory listings, over 200,000 market research reports and nearly a million financial analyst reports;
News – Over 100 million news articles from over 10,000 publications including daily newspapers, trade and industry publications, scholarly journals and consumer magazines, plus 1,500 real-time news sources.

DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE  - (Interagency Agreement)

This is a message switching system serving most DOJ headquarters and field locations as well as a number of other federal agencies.  JUST acts primarily as an interface of the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the National Law Enforcement
Telecommunications System (NLETS) and the Department of Defense (DOD) communications system.  Domestic and International administrative message traffic is also received and transmitted through JUST.


Provides internet access to online publications (Greenwire) and Environment & Energy Daily (E&E Daily), which tracks environmental, energy and natural resources policy and politics.  It is premier information source for environment and energy policy news. With your E&E service, you now have access to two daily online publications, breaking and developing news articles, special reports, a searchable story archive, and daily video interviews with key policymakers and analysts.  

Environment & Energy Daily is the leading source of information for people who track environmental and energy action in Congress. From clean air legislation to public lands policy, E&E Daily brings readers unmatched, objective original coverage of the behind-the-scenes maneuvering political calculations shaping congressional action on today's major issues. From the views of the major interest groups to the plans of key legislators, no other information source can match the depth, timeliness and news-making quality of E&E Daily. If you need to know how Congress will fund or change environmental and energy programs -- or influence administration policy -- there is no comparable source of information.  Go to  for more information. 
Greenwire - is a "must read" for anyone with a professional interest in environmental politics and policy. Every day, Greenwire's hard-hitting original reporting plugs subscribers into the environmental issues being debated today in every state, the White House, federal agencies (e.g. EPA, DOE, Department of Interior) and the courts. Greenwire also collects and summarizes the most important environmental coverage from hundreds of print, broadcast and online sources.  Go to for more information.

E&ENEWS PM - provides readers with all the late-breaking news from Capitol Hill, including schedule changes, markup and floor vote results, new bills and amendments and insight into emerging political issues. This 4:30 p.m. service helps readers be prepared for the next day. Go to for more information.

E&E TV –  broadcasts daily interviews with top people from the environmental and energy policy world, delivering up-to-the-minute news from Capitol Hill and hosting panel discussions among key players with opposing views on major issues. E&ETV provides breaking news before anyone else.  Go to for more information.

FEDERAL LIBRARY INFORMATION CENTER COMMITTEE (FLICC) - Interagency Agreement with Library of Congress – access to Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) 

OCLC - is the largest international library network with 18,000 member libraries worldwide and a database of 29 million bibliographic records located outside of Columbus, Ohio.  FEDLINK is the formal support network for federal libraries. Through FEDLINK BOA’s, federal libraries have access to OCLC's PRISM service for cataloging and interlibrary loan, the EPIC reference service, the FirstSearch reference service for library patrons, and various options for group resource sharing and retrospective conversion. They also have access to support services from professional staff at the FEDLINK Network Operations office, including membership startup services: FEDLINK provides initial information about OCLC membership and cost estimates and guides federal librarians through the OCLC profiling process.  OCLC provides reference and research services for interlibrary loan and shared cataloging.  This Interagency agreement also provides access to the American Overseas Book Company which provides all categories of books, including government documents, institutional society publications, and foreign titles, as well as audio, video, CD-ROM and multimedia materials. In addition to domestic and foreign commercial publishers, special volume discounts are available for items ordered in bulk. A variety of management reports are available. Cataloging output can be in traditional cards, or on disc and/or paper printouts.           

  • FEDLINK teaches more than 100 OCLC-related training classes a year, both in Washington DC and at federal libraries across the US.
  • Ongoing administrative and technical support: FEDLINK is members' first contact for technical information about OCLC products and services, profile changes, documentation orders, system operation, telecommunications options, and other support functions. FEDLINK can also assist federal librarians in integrating OCLC services into automating library catalogs, enhancing group resource sharing, and other special projects.


GARTNER (Gartner Group, Inc.)

Provides access to Strategic Planning services and Research and Advisory Services (RAS), vendor product feature/function comparisons (Datapro), technology market and vendor intelligence (the qualitative aspects of Dataquest), Gartner’s EXP Executive Program for CIO’s, Measurement and Benchmarking Services, Best Practice Groups, Symposium  tickets as ordered by DOE and as packaged with advisor seat level, consulting services that interact with Gartner’s research and measurement analysts, Executive Briefings, and more.   This is per GSA Schedule No. GS-35F-5014H.  


 2007 Core Research Advisor, Reference, and Ticket Pricing
50-99 Users
Cost per User





 Theme Ticket *


 Symposium Ticket *                          







*All tickets are purchased as open market items subject to the terms and conditions of the GSA schedule No. GS-35F-5014H.

Core Research Reference Deliverables
Deliverables include a wide range of written reports, such as:

  • Spotlights—reflect current and topical client issues, consider the issues from several different perspectives and tie together research from all the Core Research Deliverables.
  • Special Reports—Cover underlying research themes that cut across technology or industry-specific research, or provide in-depth strategic analysis of trends, industry developments, vendors, products and services.
  • Published Research—Focus on companies, products, markets, decision frameworks, tactical guidelines, case studies, and strategic planning assumptions.
  • Alerts—Event-driven bulletins addressing each of the IT and telecom markets.
  • NewsTakes—Industry-focused newsletters providing up-to-the-minute analysis on the top stories in the Hardware and Semiconductor markets, capturing recent announcements and the potential impact on the market.

Core Research Advisor Deliverables

In addition to the Core Research deliverables for Reference users, outlined above, each Core Research Advisor user will receive the following:

  • Standard Analyst Inquiry—provides named Core Research Advisor Users access to Gartner Core Research Analysts through Standard Analyst Inquiry, as required for their individual business purposes for the benefit of the DOE Client. Inquiry sessions are related to the interpretation or application of published Gartner Research and are based on applicable Research Service scope of coverage, as determined by Gartner.
    Typical inquiry sessions can take up to 30 minutes, but may be extended at the Analyst’s discretion. Inquiries requiring additional analysis or research by the Analyst are not included. Additionally, Standard Analyst Inquiry provides basic technology reviews of the client’s business related documents that are 20 pages or less and take up to 60 minutes of an analyst’s time. Examples of documents include: requests for proposals; marketing or business pans, and procurement agreements.
  • Teleconferences—periodic “telephone meetings” on pressing, timely issues. Gartner analysts speak on these topics and then poll the listeners.
  • Talking Technology—a monthly audio deliverable that provides an executive summary focusing on topical IT issues.
  • Summit Event Ticket—a ticket for one employee to attend one Gartner Summit event.
    Note: Services are to be used for each User’s individual business purposes for the benefit of the individual Client. Gartner Periodically updates Service names and deliverables to reflect client needs and market relevancy.

Usage Guidelines

Gartner Core Research will be delivered through a single medium of the client’s choice, e.g., Internet, Lotus Notes, CD-ROM. Should additional or a secondary media be required, a secondary media fee of $5,000 applies. In addition, user access to the secondary media shall be restricted to only the specific number of users entitled by the ordering agreement, and no others, except where specifically allowed in writing. Gartner reserves the right to audit usage and access to all research delivered through secondary media, and to request usage reports in select cases. 

ID’s for access to Gartner Core Research and analyst inquiry may not be shared, but may be re-allocated by the client during the period of performance, under the following conditions: (i.) upon the departure from the Information Technology Schedule Pricelist Gartner Research (SIN 132-51) Page 21 client enterprise of the individual to whom the access is assigned, or (ii.) up to two times at the discretion of the client. 

ID’s may not be used by one individual to perform research on behalf of a non-ID holder. Research may be shared among individuals in the context of cooperative project work for the benefit of the enterprise.  Analyst-inquiry privileges generally involve research delivery and/or verbal interactions that interpret existing research. Requests that require written responses, extensive analysis, or new research may not be covered by the standard membership.  Agency may allocate event tickets and Talking Technology CDs as it wishes; (i.e., one is not required to have a Core Research ID in order to use these resources).

Username and Passwords

  • Passwords are for user's individual use
  • Passwords may not be shared with others

Document Use

Gartner Research is for the user’s individual use and is protected by international copyright laws.

Users may:

  • Utilize documents for their own personal use on an unlimited basis.
  • Excerpt a “small amount” from documents on a non-routine basis for use in internal presentations.

Users may not:

  • Store documents in shared folders.
  • Act as a 'librarian' for redistribution of documents to non-users.
  • Reproduce or distribute documents externally without Gartner's prior written permission from

Analyst Inquiry Use

Standard Analyst Inquiry provides access to Gartner analysts for inquiry sessions to individually named users holding the appropriate entitlements. 

  • Inquiry sessions are related only to the interpretations or application of published Gartner Research and are based on applicable Research Service Scope of Coverage, as determined by Gartner
  • Inquiry sessions can take up to 30 minutes of an analyst’s time.

Gartner for IT Leaders*


2007 Gartner for IT Leaders
Single User
Cost per User 

2007 Gartner for IT Leaders
Cost per User

Gartner for IT Leaders



Gartner for IT Leaders



Gartner for IT Leaders



*See Attachment A for SPR-only pro-rated pricing

Gartner for IT Leaders Reference

Gartner for IT Leaders is a service that provides research and advice about information technology as it relates to the functional responsibilities of specific IT roles. Gartner for IT Leaders aligns specific job-related challenges with the appropriate Gartner analysts and insight, and connects users to IT peers who share common business and technology issues.


  • Access to all Role-Based Offering Web pages. Exclusive home pages that serve as gateways to role-specific content, such as: activity cycles, blogs, polling, top research picks, and most-viewed research.
  • Community. Access to an exclusive online community that provides insight and experience from both Gartner analysts and IT peers who share common interests related to specific roles.
  • News and Analysis. Timely analysis of breaking news of interest to specific technology roles keeps IT leaders current.
  • Access to Gartner Core Research through Research across a broad range of technology topics that provides a base of knowledge for all technology leaders.
  • A range of Written Research Reports, such as:

    Vendor and Product Ratings—Provides end-user organizations with a holistic view of vendors from which they are purchasing products and services.
    Special Reports—Cover underlying research themes that cut across technology or industry specific research, or provide in-depth strategic analysis of trends, industry developments, vendors, products and services.
    Published Research—Focus on companies, products, markets, decision frameworks, tactical guidelines, case studies and strategic planning assumptions.

Gartner for IT Leaders Advisor Users receive all the Gartner for IT Leaders Reference deliverables stated above, as well as:

  • Standard Analyst Inquiry—provides named Gartner for IT Leaders Advisor Users with access to Gartner analysts through Standard Analyst Inquiry, as required for their individual business purposes for the benefit of Client. Inquiry sessions are related to the interpretation or application of published Gartner Research and are based on applicable Research Service scope of coverage, as determined by Gartner. Typical inquiry sessions can take up to 30 minutes of an analyst’s time, which may be extended at the analyst’s discretion. Inquiries requiring additional analysis or research by the analyst are not included. Additionally, Standard Analyst Inquiry provides basic technology reviews of business related documents that are 20 pages or less and take up to 60 minutes of an analyst’s time. Examples of documents include requests for proposals, marketing or business pans and procurement agreements.
  • Teleconferences—periodic “telephone meetings” on pressing, timely issues. Gartner analysts speak on these topics and then poll the listeners.
  • Talking Technology Series—a monthly audio deliverable that provides an executive summary focusing on hot IT issues.
  • Summit Event Ticket—a ticket for one employee to attend one Gartner Summit event.

Gartner for IT Leaders Premier Users is a premium service level available to Users of selected role-based offerings. This service provides a deeper level of engagement with Gartner analysts by enabling Users to work directly and consistently with a designated Gartner analyst. Gartner for IT Leaders Premier receive all the Gartner for IT Leaders Advisor deliverables stated above, as well as:

  • Assigned Analyst: A designated analyst is assigned to the Client to partner with and build an ongoing relationship through planned outreach calls and client on-site sessions. The assigned analyst will focus on topics specific to the selected role.
  • Designated Customer Service Representative: A designated customer service representative is assigned to the Client to provide a single point of interface with the Client. The designated customer service representative provides proactive outreach to the named Premier User to schedule annual/biannual visits and outreach calls.
  • Outreach Calls: Six one-hour telephone sessions with the assigned analyst to update strategic priorities and discuss progress. Outreach calls must be with Client’s assigned analyst only. Client access to other Gartner analysts is available through Client’s Standard Analyst Inquiry privileges.
  • Planning Sessions: Two on-site planning sessions with the assigned analyst—a half-day (four-hour maximum) on-site planning session on topics specific to the Premier User’s role will be conducted by your Gartner assigned analyst at a mutually agreed-upon site. The planning sessions are limited to discussion with the assigned analyst. The assigned analyst will focus on topics specific to the selected role.

Note: Services are to be used for each User’s individual business purposes for the benefit of Client. Gartner periodically updates Service names and deliverables to reflect client needs and market relevancy.

Harnessing IT for business advantage all comes down to technology-enabled applications. So it’s no surprise that an organization’s application management strategy has a direct impact on how well the enterprise operates and competes.  The size and complexity of the applications portfolio and the number of projects in play at any given time are increasing. But the investment-recovery time of applications has collapsed dramatically—to less than two years. Application managers are under more pressure than ever to rapidly deliver results across the entire applications portfolio while reducing the natural disruptions of change.

Business Intelligence
Business intelligence is more than just information dissemination and executive decision making. It’s about driving higher business performance and impact with a pervasive approach that empowers a larger and broader set of people, business applications and business processes.  Gartner for IT Leaders helps business intelligence leaders raise awareness about the true opportunities for business intelligence and information management. You’ll learn how you can enable people to create positive impact on business process and operational performance throughout the entire organization.

Business Process Improvement
Business processes are key to realizing the organization’s vision and keeping its strategy on track when conditions change. Since all enterprises execute their vision and strategy through daily operations, focusing on continual process improvement is critical to achieving sustained business advantage. Gartner helps business process improvement leaders stay on top of the knowledge and technology-related insight needed to ensure your business processes can meet the challenges of today’s global competitive climate.

Enterprise Architecture
Impacting the organization’s ability to mobilize technology for business advantage is a task every enterprise architect wants to undertake. But the daily pressures and demands of system delivery and operations often get in the way of creating and leveraging effective enterprise architecture (EA).  Gartner for IT Leaders helps enterprise architects focus on both the strategic and tactical aspects of their role. We help you create your strategy and plans for enterprise architecture while extending your creative abilities to exploit technology’s full strategic value.

Infrastructure and Operations
CIO’s entrust a large portion of their budget to people who lead and manage IT infrastructure and operations. Reliable infrastructures that provide both operational excellence and the flexibility to respond to an enterprise’s strategic changes can mean the difference between success and failure. Gartner assists IT infrastructure and operations leaders in delivering superior operations while they contribute to business advantage. Focused access to relevant insight and resources and connection to an online peer community empower IT infrastructure and operations leaders with the confidence to make the everyday, critical decisions to succeed in both the tactical and strategic aspects of the job.

Program and Portfolio Management
When major investments are committed to achieving strategic objectives or changing the way an organization operates, good project management skills are a given. But how do you organize and manage in today’s world of multiple project streams—whether integrated into a strategic program, governed by a project/program management office (PMO) or evaluated and prioritized as a set of competing programs and initiatives?

Security and Risk Management
In stark contrast to attitudes of five to ten years ago, senior management teams now consider the security leader’s role both strategic and permanent. But in most enterprises, security and risk management remain the least mature IT-related functions.  Gartner for IT leaders helps security and risk management leaders protect the enterprise from threats without impeding the business. Focused access to relevant insight and resources and connection to an online peer community empower IT security leaders with the confidence to make the everyday, critical decisions to succeed in both the tactical and strategic aspects of the job.

Sourcing and Vendor Relationships
Many sourcing and vendor decisions are made ad hoc, as tactical reactions to immediate needs. In the end, costs aren’t effectively controlled, service effectiveness is compromised, and customer satisfaction suffers. Nearly all organizations have room for improvement in their sourcing competencies and vendor relationships. Whether you’re procuring products or services, we help educate you with current sourcing techniques and fresh thinking. You learn how your approach to sourcing and strategic vendor relationships contributes to growth, global expansion, increased agility, profitability and business advantage.
We have broken down the fees based on hourly charges to support differing requirements and deliverables driving each individual statement of work.

Gartner Consulting

US DOE  2007 Gartner
Consulting GSA
MOBIS Rates 

2007 Gartner Consulting DOE RatesDiscounted
Based on Engagement Size





 Vice President










 Associate Director





 Senior Consultant










 Associate Consultant





Gartner Consulting
Gartner Consulting is the leading consultancy at the nexus of technology and business, helping clients define key strategies, manage major technology initiatives, optimize operations and achieve high returns on their IT investments. Our experienced practitioners apply rigorous methodologies, critical thinking, deep analytics, and knowledge management to solve your most pressing issues and deliver maximum business value.

Our solutions address the breadth of your business needs from defining key strategies to achieve business objectives, developing enterprise plans to manage IT risk, and managing your most critical initiatives. We work with you through all stages of the project lifecycle to help solve your greatest challenges. We help you make critical decisions on your IT direction, define the initiatives and roadmap to achieve that direction, and work with you to ensure these key initiatives are delivered successfully.

Benchmarking Solutions:  Benchmarking solutions use state-of-the-art tools and high-quality data from the world's largest database of IT performance metrics to compare all or some of your IT function to similar organizations. No two solutions are the same. All of our engagements are highly customized to deliver results that meet your specific business needs.

Critical Program Management:  Deliver your most critical initiatives successfully by applying the rigor and discipline of strong and independent program management practices that identify and manage risks, schedule and costs. Implement a Program Management Office to execute the processes required to assess and monitor progress to keep these initiatives on track.

Performance Optimization:  Optimize the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of the IT services that you deliver. Implement a value-driven catalog of services with appropriate service levels and performance management processes. Refine your IT processes to improve efficiencies, service and costs.

Risk Management:  Effectively manage risk across the enterprise by developing comprehensive plans for business continuity in the event of a disaster, protect your critical information assets, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

Sourcing Execution & Management:  Make key sourcing decisions that support business objectives, select the right service provider and negotiate the best agreement, and implement the management processes and tools to manage today’s complex single or multi-sourced environment to achieve the intended value of the agreement.

Strategy & Architecture:  Align your IT direction with the business strategy, make key technology choices, design an efficient and effective organization and list of processes, establish an effective governance model and strengthen IT management processes to effectively manage your critical IT investments and priorities.


Lexis-Nexis is the global leader in providing comprehensive authoritative public records, news, business and legal information solutions to academic, corporate, government, and legal markets.  The Lexis-Nexis services combine searchable access to over three billion documents from thousands of sources with leading-edge systems and tools for managing and evaluating this content.  The Lexis-Nexis family of products includes for the information profession and for the legal profession, as well as numerous customized products delivering both job-specific and enterprise-wide industry-leading knowledge solutions.  Nexis is the publications and wire services consisting of worlds leading newspapers and magazines, representing roughly 9.5 million articles.  Many more publishers have signed license agreements with them the intention of having the publication online with Nexis

Online legal and news research services provided by Lexis-Nexis to approximately 59 organizations within DOE Department-wide, on a limited Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) plan.  Each participating organization gains unlimited access for an unlimited number of users to the full Lexis-Nexis product line.  Metered access only applies to several specific premium services such as Bureau of National Affairs, Matthew Bender and Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The contract also contains provisions for additional DOE organizations which may elect to join the program during the period of performance. 

Products and Services:   All cases carry the unique Core Terms immediately upon publication. The Lexis-Nexis online services include access to the following legal resources: United States Code Service, CFR with images-daily updated, Federal Register, Statutes of all 50 states, Advance Legislative Service for each jurisdiction (federal & state), Regulations and administrative documents for all federal, selected state, and a limited number of local jurisdictions, and Federal and state agency decisions.  LexisNexis provides exclusive access to Shepard’s®, the industry standard in case history and citation validation service.
 In addition to the complete access to LexisNexis legal databases, this award provides the DOE participating organizations with full access to the LexisNexis news collection, which includes over 14,500 news sources and full-text information sources from U.S. and overseas newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters, wire services, and broadcast transcripts with some coverage even before 1960.  This collection also includes news and business abstracts and country information from thousands of information sources.  Financial content includes Company profiles and reports from Directory of Corporate Affiliations, infoUSA and other reputable vendors, Dun & Bradstreet® and Experian™ business credit reports, Executive affiliation database and principals database, Financial analyst/brokerage house reports, including industry and company forecasts from Intext®, Nelson, Multex Reports, etc.
 SmartLinx™ is an easy-to-use solution for fraud prevention; identify authentication, and asset recovery. SmartLinx makes logical connections between approximately 2 billion public records available via Lexis-Nexis, and delivers comprehensive summary reports to the DOE user in seconds. Using new and sophisticated matching and linking technology that provides current and comprehensive results, SmartLinx provides the ability to establish connections between people, businesses, locations and assets that would otherwise require hours or days to cross-reference using traditional methods.  A single public records search request through the SmartLinx provides a comprehensive and accurate summary report.  SmartLinx™  Person Location, and Business Reports provides instantaneous vital links between entities such as a person's, company's, or organization's name; a license or registration number; an address, zip code, or telephone number to give you access to other public records where that entity is also mentioned
Some of the features and functionalities offered via the LexisNexis service include: Search Advisor, Electronic Table of Contents, LexisNexis Alert, Case Summaries, LexisNexis headnotes, FOCUS, Customizable Area of Law by Topic or Jurisdiction, Federal Practicitioner's Toolbox, Copy with Cite, Research Task Pages, Shepard's Alert, and Combined Search. Additionally, selected offices from DOE have access to our premium material such as BNA, Matthew Bender and Dun & Bradstreet.
Also, with this limited ELA Plan, DOE participating organizations will have unlimited access to the Lexis-Lexis Customer Support Organization, which prioritizes technical assistance and support concerning research strategies, database structures, and software usage.  Customer support is available to answer any question related to the use of LexisNexis – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, toll-free, in the United States and internationally.

Lexis Nexis DOE Customer Site


The Hotline is the leading daily news briefing on American politics. Established in 1987, The Hotline “covers the coverage” from hundreds of newspapers, magazines, online sources, and radio and TV news shows.

Each weekday, The Hotline provides smart, concise coverage of the hottest political news and events from the previous 24 hours. Plus, you’ll see how the latest developments are playing with politicians, the press, pundits and the polls.
In addition, subscribers who read The Hotline on receive access to the following benefits:
• House Race Hotline . . . a twice-weekly news briefing that “covers the coverage” of the most competitive House races, with an emphasis on special elections, open seats and endangered incumbents.
• Wake-up Call . . . an edgy early-morning report on the political and chattering class.
• Last Call! . . . the late-day briefing on the latest events, moves, quips and spin.
 Archive. . . unlimited access to the searchable database of every Hotline story published since 1987.
• Poll Track . . . an extensive database of thousands of local and national polls, covering national figures, key issues and upcoming presidential, congressional and gubernatorial races.
• Ad Spotlight . . . audio and video for over 1,500 political and issue television advertisements.
• And other resources . . . a daily calendar of political events in Washington, the online Almanac of American Politics, original “buzz” columns from Charlie Cook and Chuck Todd, and more
The Hotline is a premier daily news briefing on American politics.   The HOTLINE culls the news each weekday morning from more than 100 newspapers and broadcast networks, delivering a comprehensive and insightful briefing on the most significant political news events from the past 24 hours.  Subscribers include all four broadcast networks, the White House, all House and Senate offices, and most major business and trade groups in Washington, D.C.


Reuters provides upgrade software access called Reuters Trader for Commodities (RTC C&E).   The services being acquired are Reuters Trader for Commodities puts the user in command of an unparalleled range and depth of real-time and historical data on energy (international news), detailed real-time and historical pricing from commodities and energy futures exchanges worldwide, and backed up by real-time and historical data on cash prices.  Access to global/regional delayed energy company equity prices and details.  Also access includes Metals and agri-markets data.  It offers the full breadth and depth of domestic and international cross-asset information, as well as sophisticated analytics and functionality for financial market professionals.


Access to Westlaw legal research includes extensive proprietary data and federal and state case law, the United States Code, the Code of Federal Regulations and the Federal Register and Key Cite (a case history service).  Topical libraries, such as military justice and government contracts, contain decisions, statutory and administrative material related to a particular subject.

Fixed Rate Content for FY08

Westlaw provides access to the following new content as part of the fixed rate plan at additional charges to selected accounts as requested, provided these accounts allocate funds to cover the quoted prices to add this content to their individual fixed rate allocations. The accounts and requested content access is as follows:

 Federal and State Briefs – The world’s largest collection of online appellate briefs. Federal Courts: Full text of selected briefs and petitions filed with the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Circuit Courts, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces, and the U.S. Tax Court.  State Courts: state Supreme Courts and state Courts of Appeal in 37 states.  Topical Briefs: choose briefs from 20 topics of law. 
• Motions, Pleadings, Memoranda – Pleadings, Motions & Memoranda is a new database comprised of actual filed pleadings, motions, memoranda and jury instructions from select state trial courts, U.S. District Courts and federal bankruptcy courts from across the U.S.
• Regulations Plus – Regulations Plus includes federal caselaw summaries for the Code of Federal Regulations, and editorially-created CFR index, integrated and archival Federal Register content, point-in-time CFR versioning, KeyCite proposed regulations, a federal agency tracking service, and related administrative content.