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INL's Move to Google Apps Enables Flexibility, Scalability

December 7, 2011 - 1:42pm


Brent Stacey, Chief Information Officer and Information Management Director at Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory (INL) recently stated, “INL is moving to what we call a high performance workplace.”  How is INL doing this, you may ask? First INL (with lab-wide participation) has identified 10 improvement themes over 5 years.  During the first phase INL will move 5,000 employees to Google Apps/Messaging for government.   A first step in their overall cloud integration strategy and the solution bodes well with the programmatic growth spurt they have experienced over the past five years.  
“Google allows us to scale the system to meet the lab’s needs or be more flexible in supporting programmatic growth or contraction. We can be more nimble in how we respond to program needs and cost constraints.”  With that said, INL is moving into a Google pilot phase in the next month to ensure, “the functionality of the cloud and to make sure that the functionality that we believe exists is actually there, that it's robust, and it performs to the lab’s requirements,” Stacey said.
According to Stacey the lab has been actively involved with the Office of Chief Information Officer in the Department of Energy, as well as, working with other Energy Laboratories to share INL’s experiences during the process, encouraging the use of best practices and leveraging solutions across the enterprise.

Update: Idaho National Laboratory Goes Google