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Geospatial Science Program

June 21, 2011 - 3:50pm


The overarching mission of the Department of Energy (DOE) is to discover solutions to power and secure America's future. DOE’s Geospatial Science Program was established to optimize geospatial investments across our complex and to enable prudent stewardship of the resources provided by the American taxpayer. The term ‘geospatial science’ encompasses both the concepts of geographic information science and geographic information systems. Geographic information science is the study of spatially-referenced data, including geographic theory, technological design, and analytical algorithms. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are specialized software and hardware used to manage, manipulate, query, and visualize spatially-referenced data. GSP objectives are to:

  • Use geospatial technology to improve the safety, welfare, and quality of life for our citizens by supporting military operations, nuclear safety, climate change modeling, impact assessments for disaster areas, water/energy resources mapping and many other uses
  • Move to a portfolio management approach inline with the Geospatial Platform, the Geospatial One-Stop initiatives and explore opportunities for increased collaboration with
  • Align DOE’s geospatial science infrastructure requirements to the Department's Enterprise Architecture
  • Contribute and support federal geospatial standards, guidance and e-government initiatives
  • Optimize geospatial resource allocations across DOE
  • Participate in the inter-agency Geospatial Line of Business (LoB) initiative to bring more value to the citizens by improving efficiency and making geospatial data more accessible, reliable, and less expensive to acquire through enhanced data-sharing and more effective management of investments
  • Continue to collaborate with partner agencies on geospatial topics to make the Government work better for the American people

The GSP is chaired with voting representation from the Office of Environmental Management, the Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration with the Office of the Chief Information Officer providing technical, operational, administrative and financial support as well as supporting external coordination efforts.

Also supporting the DOE Geospatial Science Program we have the Geospatial Science Steering Committee (GSSC) which consists of geospatial subject matter experts from national laboratories, facilities and Program Offices. The GSSC members provide technical advice and recommendations in the assessment, implementation, and operation of GSP directives.