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Wave-Energy Company Looks to Test Prototypes in Maine Waters

April 9, 2010 - 4:19pm


Resolute Marine Energy — a Boston-based, wave-energy technology company — hopes to test ocean wave energy conversion prototypes in Maine sometime in the summer of 2011.

The company has already completed two of the three testing stages, the first using computer simulation and the second with reduced-scale prototypes in a controlled environment. Now, the company is ready to take the technology offshore to begin ocean testing. Its eyes are set on the waters of its Northern neighbor, Maine.

Maine is an ideal location for Resolute Marine Energy to conduct testing for a few reasons, said CEO and President Bill Staby. Working in Maine allows the company to test locally, which could help expedite the permit process. Also, Maine has been aggressively working to better position itself in the alternative energy market, and testing would create job opportunities for locals.  

“Maine has a skilled waterfront workforce, and they’re looking to develop alternatives for hurting industries.  This would give them a chance to start a new economy based on renewable energy,” said Bill. 

Not only will high-value jobs be created immediately for scientists and engineers, but there will be a need for a strong workforce to maintain testing facilities.

Bill is currently seeking institutional support for the project and consulting with various interested parties, who will hopefully help rally local support. Once a location is selected, Resolute Marine Energy will begin talks with the state of Maine and commence the permit request process.

For Bill, it would be ideal to have public and private sectors collaborate on the project. Cooperation would allow the project to gain positive visibility, which in turn would educate the public about ocean wave technology.

“We’d like to get a whole lot of people cooperating to do this,” he said.