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#SolarIsNow: Recap of Our Recent Twitter Chat

May 5, 2014 - 10:41am


#SolarIsNow: Recap of our Recent Twitter Chat

A recap of the recent #SolarisNow Twitter Chat

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Mon, May 05 2014 14:40:18

Last week, Peter Davidson, executive director of the Energy Department's Loan Programs Office answered questions on all things solar during @NRGEnergy's live #solarisnow Twitter Chat.

Join us for a Twitter Chat by using #SolarIsNow as we celebrate PV & the introduction of Agua Caliente, the world’s largest PV project.

A behind the scenes picture of our #solarisnow expert John Karam following the chat! ·
The discussion happened the same day as the launch of Agua Caliente -- the world's largest solar photovoltaic power plant.

Agua Caliente, world’s largest solar PV plant comes online → #solarisnow ·
Energy Department
NRG Energy kicked off the solar chat with a question on solar success stories:
We shared details on the rapid growth of large-scale solar power plants across the country:
We also pointed to Solana -- a project that can generate solar electricity even when the sun isn't shining:
From there, panelists addressed a number of topics -- from the government's role in advancing solar...

A2 driving creative financing is important especially in utility sized installs, hopefully leads to reduced residential costs #solarisnow

to examples of nontraditional solar projects...
to the impact of utility-scale solar...

Large-scale deployment of energy sources leads to $ declines. Happening w/ solar #SolarIsNow ·
Energy Department

A4: Large-scale utility solar projects garner media coverage; this can inspire public to take a closer look at value of solar. #SolarIsNow

The final question focused on  the state of solar energy in America ten years from now. Several participants weighed in:

@nrgenergy A5: Solar will constitute as greater renewable source and % of the utility grid and very well known to the public. #SolarisNow

Learn more about the Energy Department's support for solar by visiting: