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Slideshow: Innovation in the Manufacturing Sector

December 12, 2013 - 5:00pm


Today, the Energy Department hosted the first American Energy and Manufacturing Competitiveness (AEMC) Summit in Washington, D.C. Part of a three-year partnership with the Council on Competitiveness to advance U.S. leadership in clean energy manufacturing, the AEMC Summit brought together leaders to address the shifting landscape of manufacturing and energy production in America.

Secretary Ernest Moniz kicked off the summit, setting the day for a series of panel discussions on the challenges and opportunities in U.S. manufacturing. Leaders from industry, government, academia, labor and the Energy Department’s National Laboratories talked about how companies remain competitive in the global economy -- covering everything from ways to increase manufacturing energy efficiency to what the government can do to create a resurgence in manufacturing.

The summit included a technology showcase -- highlighting how Energy Department investments have increased clean energy manufacturing and improved energy efficiency, while also sharing examples of innovative trends in the manufacturing sector. Click through the slideshow above to see advanced technologies that are helping manufacturers reduce waste, increase productivity and become leaders in the clean energy economy.

And for more on the Energy Department’s manufacturing work, check out the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative website.