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Secretary Chu Postpones China Trip to Continue Work on BP Oil Spill Response Efforts

May 21, 2010 - 12:00am


Washington DC -- Energy Secretary Steven Chu will postpone a trip to China, scheduled for next week, at the request of President Obama and stay in the country to continue his work on response efforts to the BP oil spill.

"Finding a solution to this crisis is a matter of national importance,"
Secretary Chu said. "I want to continue to play a role in assisting in the efforts and stopping this leak as soon as possible."

Secretary Chu was originally scheduled to visit Beijing and Shanghai and discuss further progress on bilateral clean energy cooperation.

Secretary Chu has been working with DOE's National Laboratories and other top scientists to help BP determine how to stop the leak, and exploring ideas about the most effective scientific and engineering approaches to the problem.

The Department of Energy has also been offering its resources and technical assistance to the Flow Rate Technical Team led by MMS, NOAA and USCG.

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