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Recap: Energy Efficiency at the National Labs

December 2, 2013 - 11:50am


Energy Efficiency at the National Labs

During the month of November, we featured the National Labs and their work in energy efficiency on

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The National Labs are fundamentally changing the way that consumers and businesses approach energy efficiency. The Labs are developing new technologies that increase the efficiency of buildings and vehicles, conducting research that helps consumers understand their energy usage and providing cutting-edge facilities that researchers from government, academia and the private sector can use to study energy efficiency.

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The National Labs also practice what they preach by utilizing energy-efficient materials and construction practices at their facilities across the country.
Idaho National Laboratory converted their 80 biodiesel buses to a more efficient dual fuel process -- allowing the buses to run on biodiesel and natural gas at the same time.
Throughout the month, the National Labs provided tips to help consumers and businesses save energy and money -- like these from Berkeley Lab, Los Alamos National Lab and the National Energy Technology Laboratory.
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Argonne National Lab asked their followers to share their thoughts on why energy efficiency is important.
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