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Fact Sheet on Job Creation in Piketon, Ohio

July 28, 2009 - 12:00am



(Washington, D.C.)  The Department of Energy announced today that it will further expand and accelerate cleanup efforts of cold-war era contamination at the Portsmouth site in Piketon, Ohio - an investment worth about $150 to $200 million per year for the next four years that is expected to create 800 to 1000 new jobs.  This will increase overall employment at the site from about 2,500 jobs to about 3,500 jobs.  Details below:

Obama Administration - Growing Commitment to Portsmouth Cleanup:

FY 2009 Budget $241 million
FY 2010 Budget request $319 million
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act $118 million
Today's announcement $150 million to $200 million


Current Employment at Portsmouth Site

Cleanup* 1620                  
American Centrifuge Plant 750
USEC Corporate  113
DOE management staff  16
TOTAL: About 2,500

* Of the 1620, USEC and its subcontractors account for 1020; other contractors account for 600 jobs.


Projected Employment Changes at Portsmouth Site

  $118 million from Recovery Act +275
  $150 to $200 million announced today +800 to 1000
  Completed/expiring projects* -75
American Centrifuge Project: (-300 to 400)
TOTAL:    600 to 900 net new jobs

* Reflects jobs that would have been eliminated without the Recovery Act funding as particular projects were completed.

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