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DOE Announces Tougher Enforcement of Appliance Standards Reporting Requirements

December 9, 2009 - 12:00am


WASHINGTON, DC - The Department of Energy announced today that manufacturers of certain residential products have a 30 day window ending January 8, 2010 to submit accurate certification reports and compliance statements as part of enhanced enforcement of DOE's energy efficiency appliance standards program.  Under federal law, manufacturers of some products covered by DOE appliance standards are required to certify with the Department that their models meet the energy conservation standards. This 30 day period will help DOE ensure compliance with its regulations, sanction those who fail to comply, and treat all those subject to the requirements fairly and equally.

"Certification reports provide the Department with important information that allow us to verify if a manufacturer is complying with the energy efficiency standards that deliver significant energy and cost savings to the American public," said DOE General Counsel Scott Blake Harris.  "This 30 day period will provide all manufacturers the same opportunity to submit correct data to DOE before we begin broader enforcement actions."

Following this 30 day window, DOE will begin aggressively enforcing these reporting requirements, including seeking civil penalties or fines.  This 30 day period does not apply to violations of the actual energy conservation standards.  DOE will continue to take action against any manufacturer whose products do not meet the federal efficiency standards.

Both manufacturers and companies that trademark or label products are subject to the reporting requirements.  These requirements include a certification report for each basic appliance model covered by the energy standards, along with a signed compliance statement.  Read the Certification Grace Period FAQs for additional details about the requirements and the 30 day window. 

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