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In Case You Missed It: Tuesday Talk with Secretary Chu

December 1, 2010 - 6:29pm


Yesterday Secretary Chu took participated in the White House Tuesday Talks series, advising viewers from across the country on how they can save money by saving energy and reiterating his assertion that the United States must sharply accelerate innovations in clean energy in response to the recent clean technology successes by countries such as China:

"Leads come and go. Once someone else has the lead, the attitude is… don’t slump and say ‘oh we’ve lost the race. Now what do we do?’ Get it back. This goes right to the heart of a competitive spirit that is a part of America."

If you missed out on the Tuesday Talk, you can watch a full replay above and submit your questions directly to Secretary Chu on his personal Facebook page.

John Schueler is a New Media Specialist with the Office of Public Affairs.