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America's Clean, Efficient Fleets: An Infographic

March 19, 2012 - 3:24pm

Addthis will be hosting a Live Twitter Q&A on the National Clean Fleets Partnership with Mark Smith, Vehicle Technologies Deployment Manager for the Energy Department's national Clean Cities program, Tuesday, March 20, at noon ET.

Last April, President Barack Obama announced the launch of the National Clean Fleets Partnership -- an initiative to reduce the country’s dependence on imported oil. Less than a year later, the partnership has grown to include 18 of the nation’s largest private-sector fleets.

Collectively, the Clean Fleets Partners operate more than a million commercial vehicles nationwide, accounting for more than 12 percent of all commercial vehicles on American roads. By adopting alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and by making their operations smarter and more fuel-efficient, these national partners are increasing their competitiveness and helping to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

To learn more about the innovative strategies Clean Fleets Partners are using to reduce their fuel use, save money, and become models for fleets across the nation, check out our brand new infographic.