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600 New Lights Bulbs to Improve Energy Efficiency at DOE

November 18, 2010 - 10:30am


Starting in September, the Department of Energy has been steadily replacing all 600 light fixtures under our Washington, D.C., Forrestal North Building canopy with state of the art Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.  Every new bulb now uses just 23 watts instead of 205 watts. That translates into almost half a million kilowatts hours saved every year. and will cut annual energy consumption at the Department of Energy Headquarters by about 1%.
The final new LED fixture under the canopy was installed on October 28, but these lights are just part of a full program to reduce energy consumption by the DOE.  We have also recently reconfigured our DC Forrestal building corridor lights to reduce them by two-thirds on nights and weekends, decreasing our annual energy consumption by about 280,000 kilowatt hours each year.  In addition, over the course  of the next year we'll also repair old steam traps, which will reduce energy consumption by about 1%; update the air handling system that regulates temperature control for the Forrestal facility, reducing consumption by 9%; install an energy efficient central chiller plant to replace many of the small chillers we currently use, reducing consumption another 10%; and we'll install low-flow toilet fixtures in all the restrooms in our Germantown, Maryland, main building, which will reduce our total Department of Energy Headquarters water consumption (which includes both our DC and Germantown offices combined) by 11%.
The federal government is the nation's largest energy user and it's important for the Department to do our part to cut energy use. These upgrades are a giant step towards that goal.

Ingrid Kolb is the Director of the Office of Management.