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Staff and Contractors

Watch the video above to hear a message from Secretary Moniz, highlighting the FY 2016 budget request for the Department of Energy and his appreciation for the vital mission and dedicated employees of the Department. As referenced in the video, employees are encouraged to visit the Department's website to view the full FY 2016 budget presentation, which proposes approximately $30 billion to support nuclear security, clean energy, environmental cleanup, climate change, science and innovation.

The Energy Department’s staff and contractors are at the heart of everything we do -- and are the people responsible for turning our mission into actions that matter for all Americans. Learn more about your colleagues, how to participate in staff-wide initiatives and how to access employee services. 


The Energy Department Feeds Families
Oak Ridge Integrated Support Center employees Josh Clark (from left), Steve Martin, Katelynn Prutsman, Tom Rizzi and Hailey Beeler gave employees ice cream from a make-shift "ice cream truck" in exchange for non-perishable items. They even dressed the part! | Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge Integrated Support Center.

The Department of Energy is participating in the seventh annual Feds Feed Families Campaign, which runs through October 2.

Join the Call: One Million Hours of STEM Volunteer Service
Staff and Contractors

America’s ability to meet the demands of its energy future depends on having a trained, dedicated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce.

The Department of Energy Celebrates LGBTQ Pride
LGBTQ Pride Program at the Department of Energy 2015

The Department of Energy held an LGBTQ Pride event on June 15, 2015. Read the inspiring remarks from one of our employees below.

The Department of Energy Wants to Know: What Would Make Your Job Better?
Staff and Contractors

Calling all HQ employees! We want your ideas on how to improve the Energy Department workplace. Learn how to submit an idea or vote on ideas submitted by your colleagues.

An Employee Think Tank to Improve the Department of Energy Work Environment and Employee Work Experience
Staff at an all-hands Meeting with Secretary Ernest Moniz. | Energy Department Photo.

The Workplace Improvement Forum is an employee-focused initiative to identify and develop strategies and recommendations to improve the work environment and overall work experience of DOE employees. Read more here.

Forward Thinking: Women-led Team Plans for National Labs’ Future
(From left) Cynthia Nitta (Lawrence Livermore), Wendy Baca (Los Alamos), and Sheryl Hingorani (Sandia) helm a team that is developing plans and options for future strategy.

Learn about the three women who run a “tri-lab” team from Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia national laboratories. Together, Wendy Baca (Los Alamos), Sheryl Hingorani (Sandia), and Cynthia Nitta (Lawrence Livermore) helm a newly formed team that works toward a cohesive vision for the future of the U.S. nuclear deterrent from a laboratories’ point of view.