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Staff and Contractors

Watch full video from the October 15 Town Hall with Secretary Moniz and Deputy Secretary Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall.

The Energy Department’s staff and contractors are at the heart of everything we do -- and are the people responsible for turning our mission into actions that matter for all Americans. Learn more about your colleagues, how to participate in staff-wide initiatives and how to access employee services. 


PHOTOS: Vice President Biden Swears in New Deputy Secretary of Energy

Check out photos from Vice President Joe Biden's visit to the Department of Energy, where he swore in the Department's new Deputy Secretary.

The Energy Department Feeds Families
Energy Department employee Tyesha Bennett and her family gleaned 4,400 pounds of sweet potatoes as part of Feds Feed Families | Photos courtesy of Tyesha Bennett, Energy Department.

The Feds Feed Families Campaign runs through August 27, 2014.

Forward Thinking: Women-led Team Plans for National Labs’ Future
(From left) Cynthia Nitta (Lawrence Livermore), Wendy Baca (Los Alamos), and Sheryl Hingorani (Sandia) helm a team that is developing plans and options for future strategy.

Learn about the three women who run a “tri-lab” team from Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia national laboratories. Together, Wendy Baca (Los Alamos), Sheryl Hingorani (Sandia), and Cynthia Nitta (Lawrence Livermore) helm a newly formed team that works toward a cohesive vision for the future of the U.S. nuclear deterrent from a laboratories’ point of view.

A Look Back at the Career of James Schlesinger

Dr. James R. Schlesinger -- the first person to ever serve as U.S. Secretary of Energy -- passed away in March 2014. This photo gallery looks back on his impressive legacy.

Video: Honoring Science that Matters with the Enrico Fermi Award

Learn more about 2013 Enrico Fermi Award winners Dr. Allen Bard and Dr. Andy Sessler and their contributions to science, technology and human rights.

Having PRIDE at the Department 365 Days a Year

Celebrating PRIDE month at the Energy Department.