• Listen to Direct Current!

    Not all acronyms are created equal. Join us on a journey into the colorful world of government "backronyms," where there's more to a name than just a jumble of letters.

  • Fusion Energy

    Check out the infographic to learn how fusion reactions power the Sun, how researchers replicate them in the lab and what lies ahead for fusion energy.

  • 5 Myths From ‘Stranger Things'

    What the hit Netflix show didn’t get quite-so-right about the Energy Department.

  • Hydropower Vision

    Hydropower is the nation's oldest and largest source of clean, renewable electricity. Our new Hydropower Vision report explores how it could grow by 2050.

  • Home Cooling

    Here are tips on how to stay cool and save money as temperatures rise!


  • August 29, 2016

    Find out how scientists at Fermilab scientists study some of the most elusive particles in our universe: neutrinos.

  • August 26, 2016

    Just in time for back-to-school, we're sharing some of our great brain-boosting educational resources to help teach the science behind the energy that powers our modern world.

  • August 25, 2016

    Scientists at Berkeley Lab wrote on this penny with an ion beam to show off how cool nanoscience research can be.

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